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Steampunk - Art & Crafts

Selection of finished projects

This is a collection of (almost) finished projects
Steampunk Style Crafting & Robots

Joke: Recycle Art , steampunk style. Inspirated by Recycled materials like: Cogs, Metal, Flasks, Bottles, Boxes, Keys and Toys

Peter: Desiging and Printing 3D objects. Making robots and electronic systems with embedded software. Small scale laser-cutting objects.

  • Robot 42 - Robot Race 2014

    First fully disigned and printed robot for CCFZ Robot Race. Things ToDo: Smoothing the PID Control

  • 360 Degree Robo Platform

    Auto rotating platform for making 360 degree Photos and 3D scans. ToDo: Software optimalisation & Pre Production Model

  • "Skul Torch"

    Steampunk Skull on clockwork torch. Work in progress

  • "Pirate Box"

    Box with dual bottle, Dare to drink out one of this bottles. Look here

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